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SDG Digital Investment Framework

A Whole-of-Government Approach to Coordinating Investment in Digital Technologies to Achieve the SDGs

Despite significant investment, we have not seen true scale in software platforms and we have not seen coordinated investment in products designed to meet the SDGs. Digital investments and implementations are most often siloed by sector, resulting in significant fragmentation and duplication of effort.

This fragmentation makes it difficult for governments to understand where common products could be used, allowing for a whole-of-government approach to investing in digital infrastructure that can deliver reusable digital services at scale with a greater return on investment.

This online tool introduces four interrelated layers - providing a step-by-step process allowing organizations to begin to plan enterprise architecture and accelerate progress toward the SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs comprise 17 goals and 169 targets representing global priorities for investment in order to achieve sustainable development.

Use Cases

A Use Case defines the steps that an individual or system will undertake in order to achieve a business objective.


A WorkFlow is a generic business process that can be applied to SDG Use Cases across multiple sectors.

Building Blocks

An ICT Building Block is an enterprise-ready, reusable software component that provides key functionality to facilitate generic WorkFlows across multiple sectors.


A Product is a specific technology offering that is designed to implement one or more Building Blocks.

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Donors can use this tool to coordinate investments with other donors. Using the lens of the SDG target, a donor can navigate to a priority SDG target to see what use cases, workflows, and ICT building blocks map support the progression of that target. Understanding those associations set the groundwork for donors to see the overlap they have with other donors supporting other SDG targets. The tool demonstrates that a handful of work flows and building blocks can deliver a wide range of SDG targets and corresponding use cases.

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Policy Makers

Policy makers, at any level, can use this tool to explore the different use cases they are interested in implementing to achieve various development outcomes. Each use cases will highlight what workflows and ICT building blocks are needed to support the digital aspect of the use case. Identifying the generic ICT building blocks supports the coordinate across sectors and ministries, to take a whole of government approach, to making its digital investment.

Implementing Partners

Implementing Partners can use this tool to identify what ICT Building Blocks and Products deliver various needed workflows, or business process, to deliver development programming or various digital initiatives.

Technology and ICT Ministers

Technology Ministers can use this tool to map systems and applications currently deployed in country to the ICT Building Blocks to understand what other use cases could be supported using their current technology. Mapping systems to the ICT Building Blocks can also provides a better understanding of what gaps currently exist or opportunities for consolidation.

Technology Specialists

Technology specialists can use this tool to help integrate offerings and interoperability hooks to address the end-to-end needs of government programmes. Also, discover existing products that can meet the use cases and workflows for specific programmatic needs, providing insights to the “build or buy” questions for project implementation.

This framework was developed in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

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