Building Block: Consent management
Maturity: BETA
Consent management logo.

Short Description: Manages a set of policies allowing users to determine the information that will be accessible to specific potential information consumers, for which purpose, for how long and whether this information can be shared further.

Full Description: The consent management services ICT Building Blocks allows an application or system to acquire and validate consent from an authorized user in order to grant access or permissions for carrying out a task. It allows users to take control of their data. Biometric identities, digital signatures or simply SMS messages may be used to provide consent. Consent services may also be integrated with security services to control access to user’s data and registry services, to record the user’s consent in the corresponding registry.

Other Names: eApproval, Opt-in system

Key Digital Functionalities:

  • Users can record their consent using web-based or mobile applications
  • Users can digitally sign an electronic document that specifies who can use the data, for how long, and whether the information can be shared further
  • Users can access and manage their consent records for different services and can revoke their consent
  • Consents are stored in corresponding registries or in other data repositories, such as electronic health records
  • Allows for repeated expressions of consent, if required

Examples of use in different sectors:

  • Agriculture sector: 
    • Farmers can opt-in for push messaging services by sending an SMS with a keyword (eg YES) to a specific number. Alternatively, they place a missed call to a number or press a numeric key on their phone to indicate their consent to receive information from a specific source (eg RAS)
      • Generally, the opt-out process uses the exact same WorkFlow with different keywords (eg NO) or different keys to press
  • Education sector: 
    • Automated parental consent system for approving children’s participation in school activities
  • Health sector: 
    • Patients can grant consent to health professionals to collect, use or disclose their personal health data, whether it is stored in a local system or it needs to be transferred to other organizations
    • Consent can also be obtained to allow a certain clinical procedure to be performed


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