Building Block: eMarketplace
Maturity: BETA
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Short Description: Provides a digital marketing space where provider entities can electronically advertise and sell products and services to other entities (B2B) or end-customers (B2C).

Full Description: The eMarketplace services ICT Building Blocks enables various entities to publish their product/service catalogues and advertise their capabilities, facilities, etc on websites as well as through mobile messaging or apps. Such platforms provide many built-in capabilities for customers, such as product comparisons, electronic shopping baskets for aggregating customer selections, and order placement. The eMarketplace also helps vendors maintain a virtual inventory and manage shipments to the delivery agencies registered on the platform. This ICT Building Blocks may also enable multiple vendors to organize their products into package offerings with discounts, etc. Generally, the eMarketplace interfaces with billing and payment collection systems at the backend to ensure customers automatically obtain a price quote, complete a purchase and receive a receipt. Since the platform aggregates supply and demand, the customer is offered a wider range of choices, and vendors see their marketing overheads reduced.

Other Names: eTrading, eCommerce, Digital marketplace

Key Digital Functionalities:

  • Advertises products, services and vendors with regional tags and price tags functionalities
  • Allows customers to compare product offerings and make informed choices
  • Allows utilities to group the selection of different products from different vendors into a single order in the marketplace, and then distribute these orders to respective vendors on the backend
  • Provides unified billing and collection mechanisms to obtain customer payments and distribute the revenue to different vendors on the backend
  • Requests price quotes from suppliers to start negotiation processes
  • Provides statistical reports and transaction logs for audit or business intelligence services to help vendors optimize their inventory and product positioning

Examples of use in different sectors:

  • Agriculture sector: 
    • Many eMarketplaces exist for various agro-commodities managed by public entities (eg eNAM by the government of India)
  • Education sector: 
    • An eLearning marketplace in education can be used to provide a range of free and open education products and services that include user reviews for learners, parents, schools, teachers, researchers and education officials
  • Health sector: 
    • Medicine supply
    • Bio-medical equipment sales
    • Patient access to services such as physical assistance, transportation, diagnostics services, therapy services, consultation and counseling services


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