Building Block: Scheduling
Maturity: BETA
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Short Description: Provides an engine for setting up events based on regular intervals or specific combinations of status of several parameters in order to trigger specific tasks in an automated business process.

Full Description: The scheduling services ICT Building Blocks provides an engine for setting up event or tasks. These tasks can be simple, one-time events, such as a referral appointment at a specialist clinic. More complex events may also be defined and configured with this component. Regular, repetitive events can be set up, including on-going calendar appointments scheduled at regular intervals to automate data acquisition and the processing, distribution, presentation and backup activities involved in a business process. This type of complex event uses a predefined schedule based on a set of status indicators at specific milestones along a Workflow that acts as triggers for actions. These triggers may be based on positive status (completion), or negative status (non-completion) of various activities. Milestones can be set at different intervals, so the next trigger may happen after a delay if the status has not changed from negative to positive.

Other Names: Appointment booking, Activity manager, Calendar management

Key Digital Functionalities:

  • Enable external applications to define events or tasks based on a defined time period functionalities and/or intervals
  • Allocate time slots based on resource availability
  • Bind different allocated resources into events
  • Enable blocking and releasing sub-slots in events
  • Search/sort/fetch/populate event or task information based on queries from other applications

Examples of use in different sectors:

  • Agriculture sector: 
    • Custom hiring services for agro-machinery, which enables farmers to schedule hiring for various farm activities (eg a combine harvester)
  • Education sector: 
    • Calendar service that schedules the school timetable, exam timetable, quarterly district official meetings, subject advisor visit schools and school evaluation meetings
    • Alerts are sent in advance of scheduled events as task reminders, such as reports and presentations that are due
    • Relevant forms required for submission of these types of documents are also sent with these alerts
  • Health sector: 
    • Booking appointments with providers
    • Planning medication, diet, exercise and follow-up consultations for patients and providers
    • Acquiring periodic measurements from medical monitoring devices
    • Supply chain management systems can organize shipments of medical commodities or equipment
    • Hospitals, public health departments, and organizations can announce new programmes or events to the public over mobile phones and social media
    • Facility managers can schedule regular maintenance checks on equipment or to generate periodic reports from management information systems


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