Building Block: Workflow and algorithm
Maturity: BETA
Workflow and algorithm logo.

Short Description: Helps to optimize business processes by specifying rules that govern the sequence of activities to be executed as well as the type of information exchanged in order to orchestrate the process flow from its initiation to completion.

Full Description: The WorkFlow and algorithm services ICT Building Blocks helps automate and control the flow of information and activities within various services based on predefined protocols. In some cases, these protocols may include directives for end users, such as treatment guidelines or operating procedures. In other cases, these WorkFlows may guide software systems to automate data exchange based on certain events or conditions. By allowing different applications to exchange information, it can support cross-facility WorkFlows and business processes. In addition to accelerating and automating information flow, it can be used as a mechanism to encourage or enforce best practices, clinical guidelines and policy.

Other Names: Business process automation services

Key Digital Functionalities:

  • Provides digital definitions of various WorkFlows as a sequence of various functionalities transactions and tasks executed by specific user roles as well as the combination of events that should trigger transition from one task or user to another
  • Captures events and inputs from external applications and then groups these into specific assessment pools as specified by WorkFlow transition rules
  • Evaluates trigger conditions for movement of WorkFlow through specific task or user transitions based on predefined rules
  • Notifies changes in activities or changes of users to other applications
  • Supplies the contextual information needed to effect the transition of tasks or users

Examples of use in different sectors:

  • Agriculture sector: 
    • Farm management systems use many WorkFlows related to various agronomic activities, such as fertilizer application and irrigation
  • Health sector: 
    • Worklist tracking and reminding
    • Clinical decision support algorithms
    • Evaluation and processing of financial subsidy or insurance claims
    • Electronic collection or remittance of payments


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