Project: Adaptation to Climate Change into the National and Local Development Planning II


The project aims to contribute to increasing the resilience of extremely vulnerable population groups in urban areas in Bangladesh towards the impacts of climate change by supporting the systematic consideration of the impacts of climate change on development and investment planning, as well as improving the access to and use of geospatial information. Thus, the project explicitly aims to ensure that more investment projects consider climate risks. Furthermore, the project helps to reduce the proportion of people who are vulnerable against the impacts of climate change, by strengthening the climate change evidence-based decision making in planning and appraisal processes. 1. A better evidence-based set of actions has been formulated for area-specific climate risks in the national plans by improving the quality and usability of climate information. Climate information is used to determine climate risks and local adaptation needs in sectoral plans or specific chapters of the national plans as well as in investment projects. 2. Planning officials can now apprise development project proposals better in the context of climate due to the integration of the Climate Check Method (CCM) and Planning Information System (PLIS) at the key points of project appraisal and provision of user-friendly geospatial and climate information. As a result, the applications, methods and data bank become integral parts of the process guidelines. 3. The officials involved in the planning process of the country have enhanced capacities for considering climate risks in planning and appraisal processes. Capacity development underpins all outputs of the project. It is a prerequisite for understanding and effectively using digital applications and CCM when appraising projects or developing national plans.

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