Project: 1000 Inseln - Ländliche Elektrifizierung durch Erneuerbare Energien (REEP)


Measure 1 – Power System Planning for RE Integration Application A web-based database system that captures the three essential elements of an RE expansion plan, consisting of (1) RE potentials, (2) energy demands and (3) the corresponding grid supply system, for a selected region, to allow for an integrative planning approach and to visualise the data in a map to be accessed by project developers and other associated parties. Measure 2 – RE- Map Indonesia Peta Listrik Perdesaan (Rural Electrification Map) which is known as RE-Map Indonesia is a model of geolocation information consolidation. RE-Map Indonesia is developed by ENDEV Indonesia. The map contains several information, included PLTMH & PLTS location which were built by at least three ministries and few locations from another initiative. RE-Map Indonesia is developed to collect, store, and share information about rural electrification project in Indonesia. This map could be used as a planning tool and is expected to help stakeholders that are involved in rural electrification and renewable energy projects to get enough information to plan, execute, and make decision. The first version of RE-Map Indonesia was developed in 2014. The initial version was based on static map, so the map could be accessed online and offline. If the internet is not available, user could install RE-Map application in their desktop. If the user used the online map, the map was only accessible via internet with slower loading. Based on user needs and the current system, the updated RE-Map Indonesia (2017) has several changes: Google Maps as the map basis for the faster and easier access Simplified user interface design Reorganized feature(s) on the landing page Reorganized settings for administrator (back-end) At this moment, 600 locations were recorded in this map, included its GPS coordinates, location names, plant capacities, the recipients, and the donors.



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