Project: 5e-Gov Online Seminars for Moldova


LID Moldova has implemented the project “5e-Gov Webinars for Moldova” in order to evaluate the current situation regarding the e-governance solutions and services in the Republic of Moldova, through a series of activities and events. Participants wehre interested state and private institutions, NGOs and think-tanks, interested professionals and opinion leaders on 5 topics: 1. e-Education. How educational institutions, teachers, students, parents could use e-education solutions at various levels (kindergarten, school, universities, vocational schools, special schools, cultural schools, etc.). 2. e-Health. How medical institutions, doctors, patients, pharmacies, etc. could develop and use e-health solutions. 3. e-Business. How business entities, organizations, state entities could use e-business solutions and interact. 4. e-local administration. How municipalities, public servants and residents of respective municipalities could benefit from various e-governance solutions implemented and used at the local level. 5. i-Voting, e-Participation, e-Democracy. How Estonia votes via internet and why this is a good solution for Moldova. Various e-governance solutions to increase public participation develop democracy values and fight corruption. All topics where covered by speakers from state and private actors from Estonia and Moldova. Project results: 1. 397 Moldovan professionals were trained about the best existing e-governance solutions in Estonia and Moldova. 2. Best Moldovan practitioners have presented the progress and barriers in development of e-government solutions in 5 domains. The experts have been assisted by Estonian experts and professionals. 3. A network of professionals from Moldova was created on 5 related topics and are involved in soft-lobby for e-governance implementation in Moldova. Participants are continuously contributing to the development of follow-up events and platforms organized by LID Moldova. 4. LID Moldova has been recognized as one of leading think-tanks in Moldova that contributes to development and promotion of e-governance and e-learning solutions. 5. 5 short videos have been created and launched online, summarizing the main ideas of the seminars. 6. 5 releases (one per thematic module) on digitalization of specific public areas and services have been published. 7. A guide on e-governance have been created and launched through a public event that had as guests the director of the e-Governance Agency and a representative of the Economic Council to the Prime-minister Office.

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