Project: 1,000 Islands - Renewable Energy for Electrification Programme (REEPII)


The REEP project aims to support Indonesia to improve the institutional, regulatory and technical conditions for achieving the policy target of 23% of renewable energy (RE) in the energy mix in 2025 at the national and regional level. The project's core focus is to integrate renewables into Indonesia's island electricity grids and local economies. In doing so, the project uses digital approaches e.g. through anchoring knowledge on power system modeling and simulation software in its core capacity development programme, piloting new control and software-based optimisation solutions for power grids with higher shares of RE, developing RE technologies with enhanced micro-controllers and remote monitoring capabilities, data processing and strengthening databases. Through private sector cooperation, innovative clean-tech and business models are being developed that make use of newest digital advantages, e.g. machine learning for estimating solar energy potentials in urban areas, smart batteries for electric boats and others. The project hosts a co-financing by New Energy Nexus to build a start-up ecosystem for 'energy access' targeting young entrepreneurs in rural areas of Indonesia.



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Sustainable development goals

Internet of Things / Sensors

GIS / mapping

Innovation hubs / maker spaces


Control systems

Monitoring systems

Digital principles

Design for Scale

Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation

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