Postpartum and Infant Care
Maturity: MATURE
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Maternal, newborn and child health covers the continuum of care beginning with pregnancy and continuing through birth, postpartum care, infancy and early childhood. This use case profiles illustrates the care service for mother and child spanning the mother's prenatal and postnatal periods to ensure both are healthy, with the following fictional human actors depicted:

  • Sona, a government-accredited social health activist (ASHA)
  • Sowmya, a woman who has delivered her first baby

The overall illustration of the care journey can be found below:

Source: "SDG Digital Investment Framework - A whole-of-Government Approach to Investing in Digital Technologies to Achieve the SDGs"

SDG Targets
Use Case Steps

    The "Postpartum and Infant Care" use case follows 7 core steps involving the above human actors / agents and ICT components / Building Blocks that help facilitate the care journey.

Building Blocks
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