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Connecting rural farmers to productivity information and related advisory services has a vital role to improve rural incomes and their livelihoods. This use case profiles such a service with a fictional human actor, Pendo Nkonu who is a woman farmer in Tanzania, depicted.

Pendo Nkonu is a woman farmer in Tanzania having 5 acres of land and a small poultry farm. She grows maize, sorghum and sweet potato in her farm and also raises indigenous chicken in her backyard, which provides some extra income from selling meat and eggs along with home consumption.

Over the recent years, a new insect is running havoc in her farm, destroying her maize and sorghum crop and now also attacking her sweet potato field; causing severe crop loss, almost leading her family into starvation. She discussed with other farmers and the elders in her village and everyone was very concerned because this was a new pest and nobody knew what this pest was and how to control it? Pendo was scared and desperately looking for a solution before the next cropping season starts.

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Use Case Steps

     The Rural Advisory Service for Farmers use case follows 8 core steps involving the above human actors / agents and ICT components / Building Blocks that help facilitate the advisory service delivery.

Building Blocks
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