Workflow: Content Management
Content management logo.

Short Description: Create, organize, publish and secure content (text and multimedia) to make it easier to navigate and retrieve throughout an organization.

Full Description: Most organizations need to create/access/populate content in different (digital) formats including text, images, video, audio, etc, stored in various locations and that have to be distributed securely from/to various entities. Content management WorkFlow therefore manages and organizes different types of multimedia content along with the mechanisms to access and operate on it as key assets of the organization. It also enforces policies for information security, privacy, storage, retention, optimization, transmission, quality, etc, and enables its indexing, searching, sorting, access control, compression, encryption, replication and anonymization.

Other Names: Content digitization

Sample mappings of workflows to use case:

  • Agriculture: Market linkage: Manage content customized to farmer needs based on language, geographical region, education-level, or other attributes
  • Education: Remote learning: Providing relevant, timely content for literacy learners
  • Health: Maternal and newborn health: Store and retrieve educational and promotional content for use during field visits


Use Cases
Building Blocks
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