Workflow: Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
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Short Description: Defining aggregate functions across samples of data values, creating alerts around anomalous or statistically significant events or occurrences in the data.

Full Description: Throughout any programme lifecycle of engagement with citizens, different departments/projects need to monitor and analyze the progress of certain activities to identify and promote best practices, course corrections and interventions as needed for continuous improvement in effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of activities. Data analysis and business intelligence WorkFlow provides this functionality. Common data analysis and business intelligence activities include analysing samples from relevant groups of parametric values to derive statistical and combinatorial indicators, and then analysing the indicators to identify and flag abnormal events/ trends and relevant parties. They can subject the information to preset thresholds to determine whether escalation is required or not, and accordingly trigger notification/ alert mechanisms to proactively/reactively inform authorized users.

Other Names: Data mining, Dashboards and alerts

Sample mappings of workflows to use case:

  • Agriculture: Market linkage: Assess trends in rural farm productivity based on crop, proximity to market and other factors, such as weather
  • Education: Remote learning: Analyze effectiveness of learning programmes in resulting in the development of new skills or competencies
  • Health: Maternal and newborn health: Evaluate the impact of successful completion of maternal and newborn health programme on maternal and newborn mortality reduction


Use Cases
Building Blocks
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