Workflow: Data Collection and Reporting
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Short Description: Defining, collecting, validating, normalizing and aggregating structured data of all kinds (often to replace paper forms): text, numeric, geospatial or multimedia.

Full Description: This generic WorkFlow or business process concerns the collection and reporting of data that almost every organization needs in order to support decision-making and planning. It is also used to generate operational performance indicators for the service delivery process. For example, data collection activities can focus on the environment to help promote public health safety and hygiene; gather information such as sowing date, sowing area of crops, and livestock age, sex and vaccination records; and track health information such as malaria cases or disease outbreaks. Common data collection and reporting activities include the capture of different types of data, such as text, sensory and multimedia data; normalization of formats from various sources into standardized measurement units; data aggregation; grouping measurements of different parameters into sets for various applications; and presenting data in corresponding report formats.

Other Names: Surveying, Surveillance

Sample mappings of workflows to use case:

  • Agriculture: Market linkage: Collect commodity price data from major marketplaces
  • Education: Remote learning: Collect data on service use and results of visits
  • Health: Maternal and newborn health: Record student performance and feedback on teaching


Use Cases
Building Blocks
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