Workflow: Financial Services
Financial services logo.

Short Description: Integration between an organization, its beneficiaries, and the ability to automate banking service functions between the two.

Full Description: Many organizations need to enable certain financial services with a broad range of stakeholders that can be individuals, banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, merchants, and government organizations. Financial services may involve remittances, credit, savings, insurance, reimbursements, vouchers, paying bills and invoices, subsidies, etc. Financial services WorkFlow enables smooth cashless secure transactions and simple and rapid transfer of funds.

Other Names: eCommerce, Payment platforms

Sample mappings of workflows to use case:

  • Agriculture: Market linkage: Register and assign unique identifiers to farm, farmer, and household
  • Use Case Education: Remote learning: Register and assign unique identifier to remote learner
  • Health: Maternal and newborn health: Register and assign unique identifiers for mother and newborn


Use Cases
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