Workflow: Procurement
Procurement logo.

Short Description: Management of business functions of procurement planning, purchasing, inventory control, traffic, receiving, incoming inspection and salvage operations.

Full Description: Almost all organizations are involved in the procurement of consumables, equipment, raw materials, etc. They engage with a large network of purchasing and consuming entities all along a supply chain. Common procurement activities include supporting users in searching and maintaining lists of preferred products and suppliers; aggregating internal demand for various commodities and raising procurement requests; getting and comparing price quotes and terms/conditions; placing orders; receiving bills; triggering payment services; and posting procured items into an inventory management system.

Other Names: Inventory management

Sample mappings of workflows to use case:

  • Agriculture: Market linkage: Identify local suppliers for seed, fertilizer, and related products
  • Education: Remote learning: Bulk acquisition of school supplies and equipment
  • Health: Maternal and newborn health: Ordering commodities such as pharmaceuticals


Use Cases
Building Blocks
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